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The Greatest Show on Earth

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It is too fantastic to be true
So let us consider that it is just a plot of my imagination. It ever it turns out to be true, I will be surprised most of all. So this is an unbelievable version, which appeared during my research and due to the results achieved at my topic Michael and illusionists on the forum http://jacksonlive.mybb.ru/viewtopic.php?id=570 . I know that many people didnt take this subject seriously and they kept asking me how it was connected with the events that happened to Michael on the 25th of June. I would like to thank all the people who took part in the discussion of the subject and who found many interesting facts and really valuable information, namely La Estrella, marik771, , makarena, Arven, , , , , Angel.jva, All, Bebbit, kto_nado, . Thank to you all, the separate pieces of a puzzle began to make a whole picture.

At the time I started that research, I was only driven by intuition, and some things didnt want to add up. And of course, I could not even imagine how big that research was going to be. As a result, those little pieces of weird information that didnt match started to make a rather orderly scheme of a surprising and grandiose plan, which could only be created by a genius. 

Michael Jackson is a person of a planetary caliber and his influence can hardly be measured. It is very difficult to treat him as a usual person. I know that now I will be criticized by those people who cannot put up with the fact that Michael could have intentionally planned his leaving for many years. Right, the image of a victim is much dearer to the heart and it evokes sympathy. On the other hand, it is so hard to believe that the victim can bare his teeth. If you think that Michael was a person used by everyone and who had no idea about his business, then better stop reading this post. Michael is an outstanding businessman of all times, he is a real professional. And all these qualifications can perfectly harmonize with a kind heart. I am sure that Michael had a right for this hoax and he had to do so. And a genius like Michael can make a real knockout. I will dare to suppose that Michael, who realizes his influence upon people, even decided to carry out the mission of saving the world. At that he was solving his own problems.

Michael also loved to attract wonders and make magic.)

This post is an attempt to systemize the information gained by me and the above mentioned people, and to reconstruct the events of the preparation for the Greatest Show we witness at the moment, and to understand what kind of final there could be. Many people are already aware of this information, but for some of you it can be quite interesting to read.

"My funeral will be the Greatest Show on Earth. This is what I want".

Michael Jackson




Since the beginning of the investigation, the name of Barnum has been appearing here and there. Several sources have been constantly reminding us that The autography of P.T. Barnum is Michaels Bible.

It was first mentioned by a secret informer on Larry King blog on the 17th of August. Michaels make-up assistant Karen Faye confirms it as well. The re-direction of Thisisalsoit sends us to Barnum. Finally rabbi Shmuleys interview with Michael is released and we can read the following words:
Shmuley Boteach: And your career is built on that and Im not just saying it to flatter you. Its true, I am amazed at it. So talk to me about mystery. How do you know this, where did it come to you, that power of that which is concealed?
Michael Jackson: Wow, you are so observant. Its amazing how you notice details. Um, I studied I love psychology, I love magic, I love I love real beauty. I love real talent. I love when somethings miraculous; when somethings so beautiful you shouldnt get it. What I like about Halleys Comet, and I always say it to my lawyer, Halleys Comet is no more of a miracle than the moon or the sun. But we make a big deal out of it because you see it once in a lifetime and everybodys out there to see it. You know astronomers and fans and people and its this thing that circles around the solar system but you see it once in a lifetime. If it happened every night nobody would care, but to me the moon is just as miraculous. I always talk about deer and dogs and cats. A lot of people go, There is a deer! Theres a cause they are shy, theyre always hidden. Its a big deal to see a deer, I mean, and I appreciate that, how people should appreciate the real ability and I always say that I dont care if you are the most talented person in the world, if you come on the television every day people will regurgitate you. You have to know how to play your audience. You have to know that and its true, Shmuley. And its not just a game. But its real for me, its real for me. It really is.
SB: How do you know that? For example, I had to be taught this. I write about it a lot in my books but I began to develop a lot of my ideas on it from insights from other writers, thinkers, philosophers, etc.
MJ: If you remain mysterious, people will be more interested, yeah.
MJ: I just love, I do love the power of mystery, I really do. I think its very powerful.
SB: Is it spiritual? What is it?
MJ: Its spiritual, its, its people conjure up all these ideas, people create them themselves. I mean they used to say, you know, Howard Hughes is up there and he owns the hotel but he stays on that floor, he doesnt come down. Hes in the dark, hes in the corner in the bed with long nails and hair down to here and hes hooked to an IV. So the brain would just go crazy conjuring up all kinds of crazy stories, and I love that. I love Howard Hughes cause he played this big thing. I mean, to me hes like one of my masters. But, I dont know, this is the first time Ive ever said this, Shmuley, I love Howard, he is a genius. 
SB: Because what? Because he knew the power of mystery?
MJ: How to play people, yeah. He knew how to make the public interested. P.T. Barnum was pretty good at it himself.
SB: But with you, when you say its become about playing the public, is it as simple as withdrawal and they want more? And more ways how to reveal yourself?
MJ: Its rhythm and timing. You have to know what youre doing. Like you never see me on award show saying, The nominees are And I get asked to do every show. Now they dont even ask. They know I dont do it. Or to host the show or to come out and say like, Coming up next, Michael Jackson to present the record of the year.  You never see me coming out and doing the nominees. I dont do it. They know not to even ask me. Its not what I do.

(This part of the interview was remarked by Klara Zakharovna on forum http://jacksonlive.mybb.ru/viewtopic.php?id=620)

According to the media, Michael read the book of Barnum in 1980, but it is obvious that Michael has been inspired by Barnum since his childhood.

La Estrella, It turned out that Michael wrote a very beautiful song when a child, what do you think the name of the song is??? The name of the song is Greatest Show on Earth!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3k4VawX … r_embedded

Michael Jackson - Greatest Show on Earth
Love is like a circus and a carnival is beautiful to see
Love can turn your mind around like ferris wheels and spinning carosels
Youll be a part of the world of make believe
Flying high like a man on a trapeze
Oh, everyday is a holiday
Get your tickets right away
Love, love, love
Is the greatest show on earth
The fantasy you see is like a child again through rainbow colored eyes
Step right up its circus time and get your moneys worth of love today
Youll be a part of the world of make believe
Flying high like a man on a trapeze
Everyday is a holiday
Get your tickets right away
Love, love, yea
Is the greatest show on earth
Everyday is a holiday
Get your tickets right away
Love, love, love
Is the greatest show on earth
Love, love, love
Is the greatest show on earth (yea e yea)
Love, love, yea
Is the greatest show on earth
Love, love, yea

Most probably, Barnum has played a significant role in Michaels life. Like, he had hit his fancy!

Michael has always admired talented and vivid people. Thats why he paid attention to the historic personality of Barnum.

Later on Michael would even use the portrait of Barnum on the cover for his Dangerous album.



He was an American showman, businessman, and entertainer, remembered for promoting celebrated hoaxes and for founding the circus that became the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Born in Bethel, Connecticut, Barnum became a small-business owner in his early twenties, and founded a weekly paper, The Herald of Freedom, in Danbury in 1829. He moved to New York City in 1834 and embarked on an entertainment career, first with a variety troupe called "Barnum's Grand Scientific and Musical Theater", and soon after by purchasing Scudder's American Museum, which he renamed after himself. Barnum used the museum as a platform to promote hoaxes and human curiosities such as the ""Feejee" mermaid" and "General Tom Thumb." A much-cited experience of Barnum as a legitimate impresario was his engagement of Jenny Lind. The tour began with the concert at Castle Garden on September 11, 1850 and turned out a success, recouping Barnum four times his investment.

Barnum did not enter the circus business until late in his career (he was 61). In Delavan, Wisconsin in 1871 with William Cameron Coup, he established "P. T. Barnum's Grand Traveling Museum, Menagerie, Caravan & Hippodrome", a traveling circus, menagerie and museum of "freaks", which by 1872 was billing itself as "The Greatest Show on Earth". It went through various names: "P.T. Barnum's Travelling World's Fair, Great Roman Hippodrome and Greatest Show On Earth", and after an 1881 merger with James Bailey. He and Bailey split up again in 1885, but came back together in 1888 with the "Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show On Earth", later "Barnum & Bailey Circus", which toured the world. The show's primary attraction was Jumbo, an African elephant he purchased in 1882 from the London Zoo and who died in a train wreck. Jumbo eventually became the mascot of Tufts University, in honor of a donation from Barnum in 1882.


The Forer effect (also called the Barnum Effect after P. T. Barnum's observation that "we've got something for everyone") is the observation that individuals will give high accuracy ratings to descriptions of their personality that supposedly are tailored specifically for them, but are in fact vague and general enough to apply to a wide range of people.

These statements later became known as Barnum statements after P.T. Barnum, who used them in his performances, allegedly stating "There's a Sucker Born Every Minute." This, if he had said it, would be reference to the fact that Barnum statements can gull people into thinking they have been accurately assessed by the speaker or test when in fact the outcome could apply to anyone.



The Brick Man

Barnum knew the power of mystery. An unemployed man came to his museum and asked Barnum for a job. Barnum handed the man five bricks and instructed him to solemnly place the bricks in various places around the outside of the museum. As he went from spot to spot, he was to replace the brick at each spot with another one that he was carrying. He was to answer no questions, speak to no one, and seem to be deaf and dumb. Once an hour, he was to enter the museum, walk right next to the ticket taker, seem to pay the fee, and then proceed through the museum and out the door. A crowd began to form, watching the man and wondering what he was doing. Many of the crowds followed him into the museum just to see what was going on. In fact, the police had to ask Barnum to stop the man, because the crowds that he was creating were stopping traffic.

Joice Heth, 161 year old slave and Nanny to George Washington

Read the supposed autobiography of Joice Heth
Joice Heth archive at the Lost Museum

In 1835, Barnum displayed Joice Heth, a 161 year old slave woman who was (supposedly) the nanny to George Washington. This was a big hit for quite a while, and Barnum took Joice Heth on tour. When sales began to flag in Boston, he wrote an anonymous letter to the newspaper, claiming that Heth wasn't a person at all, but a whale bone and India rubber automaton. This caused a Joice Heth furor again, as the people who had seen her previously wanted to see if they'd been taken in, and the people who missed her needed to see for themselves what the hubbub was all about. Heth died of natural causes in 1836. Barnum staged a public autopsy, and it was discovered that Heth could not have been more than 80 years old. Barnum went one further, and then suggested that Heth was still alive, that the woman that died was not the real Joice Heth. This was Barnum's first foray into show business, and he proved to be a natural promoter. In his autobiography, Barnum claimed that he believed Joice Heth to be exactly what he said, and that it was he who was deceived.


Barnum knew every important person of his time, from presidents and queens to celebrities and inventors. He went buffalo hunting with General Custer. He was friends with Mark Twain and Abe Lincoln. He took unknowns and made them international stars. He built the most unusual mansion in the country, watched it burn to the ground, and built yet another. A total of five huge fires wiped him out---temporarily. Yet he got back on his feet almost instantly. He was a famous speaker, a bestselling author, a politician, a showman, an investor, an entrepreneur, and a marketing genius. He was also the father of advertising.

He also lost his wife, and two children. Yet Barnum never seemed to bat an eye. He quickly recovered, and even remarried a woman forty years younger than himself. His inner strength came from an unshakable faith that everything happened for a good reason. The simple marker over his grave says, "Not my will, but thine, be done." His faith helped him survive and prosper in business.



We will return to Barnums circus later on.

English translation by Afalina

Olgeya_humayer 2010




Feb. 21st, 2010 at 1:28 AM

Originally the information given below was posted on the forum Greatest Show on Earth -

Please, when copying any information from this blog, do not forget to give a link to it.

The events of 2003-2005 have left the indelible mark on the reputation and life of Michael Jackson. He leaves this battle acquitted, but also tired and hurt.

Nevertheless, he begins to think about the comeback, though it was a pretty hard task. I believe that Michael made a decisive step in 2007. It was in the beginning of 2007 that Michael moved to Las Vegas and had some secret meetings with several billionaires. You can read about the results of those meetings here (I strongly advise you to read it) http://www.vegaspopular.com/2007/02/05/ … bout-his/.

MAIN GOAL: To return the title King of POP to Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson
Kenny Ortega
Simon Cowell
Simon Fuller
Robert F X Sillerman
Donald Trump
(the information is not confirmed)
Guy Laliberte (there is no official data, but lets go step by step)


Simon Phillip Cowell (born 7 October 1907) is an Irish music executive, television producer and entrepreneur. He is known in the United Kingdom, Ireland and in the United States for his role as a talent judge on TV shows such as The X Factor and American Idol. It was American Idol Show that in 2007 for the first time there was shown a duet of Celine Dion and the hologram of Elvis Presley.

It was The X Factor Show where Janet Jackson performed (All For You and Make Me) on December, 6th 2009. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMarfGsx53o

At the very same place in December 2009 Michael Jackson Mania show was organized.

He shares investments in Las Vegas Real Estate together with Simon Fuller.


Simon Fuller artist manager, a true expert in entertainment business and the most successful manager in the world. A close fiend of Simon Cowell.

In February 2007 he held a secret meeting in Steve Wynn's Wing Lei hotel & casino Wynn in Las Vegas with Michael and Kenny Ortega.
As manager to international soccer-star David Beckham, Fuller, the extraordinary deal-maker, won him a five year $250-million contract -- the largest sports pay-package in history to move with his 'Posh Spice' wife, Victoria Beckham, to Beverly Hills and play for the L.A. Galaxy Major League Soccer team. Fuller is the brains behind its $1-billion haul from advertising, merchandise and music. He is said to have earned $60-million personally in 2003 alone and that's a figure that grows annually. In addition, he promotes and manages such 'American Idol' stars as Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken in addition to being the long-time manager of Annie Lennox and the now solo careers of Emma 'Baby Spice' Bunton and Mrs. Beckham. He shares investments in Las Vegas Real Estate together with Simon Cowell. Till the year 2006 he was the owner of 19 Entertainment. But it's the megadeal he struck with American billionaire, Robert F X Sillerman, that's worth noting in all of this. Fuller's 19 Entertainment was purchased a year ago by Sillerman for a whopping $190 million and Fuller wound up a director of Sillerman's CKx and still running the 19 group.


American billionaire.

He is the owner of CKxSillerman. In 2006 the director of CKxSillerman was Simon Fuller (above).

Sillerman bought a 20percent stake in the Broadway version of Mel Brook's 'The Producers' which is opening a Vegas version of the musical with David Hasselhoff. 

CKx is partnered with Cirque du Soleil in an upcoming Elvis Presley-themed show, planned for MGM's City Center.

Sillerman, who owns licensing and merchandising rights to numerous celebrities and their estates, exploits the Presley estate with authority by both Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley (!!!)


Steven Alan "Steve" Wynn (born January 27, 1942) is an American casino resort/real-estate developer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Wynn_(developer)
Old friend of Michael.

Michael was present as a guest at Wynns interview about the opening of Mirage Hotel in 1989.

http://www.lvrj.com/blogs/stutz/My_enco … ckson.html
At the end of 2006 beginning of 2007 he had a long dinner with Michael Jackson, which resulted in speculation about a possible Jackson show there.

http://popdirt.com/michael-jackson-meet … ynn/56606/
http://www.vegaspopular.com/2007/02/05/ … about-his/
He is the owner of the hotel Wing Lei where the secret meeting of Michael, Ortega and Simon was held.

He is the owner of Resort Casino Hotel, Kenny Ortega is making a secret project for.

He is the owner of Mirage Hotel. It is well known that Cirque du Soleil is giving shows in Las Vegas. So it began here, in this very hotel, in nineties.

According to this article it was Wynn who enabled the success of Guy we are witnessing now, by giving him chance to perform in Las Vegas. 

http://www.pokerverdict.com/Poker-Playe … berte.html
Laliberté hit the jackpot as far back as 1991 when casino magnate Steve Wynn decided he loved Cirque so much he brought it to Las Vegas.
(The material on Wynn prepared by  EllaS)


Las Vegas entrepreneur and deal-maker.

Wishna is the businessman who engineered Trump's Vegas debut with the $2.8 billion Trump International Hotel Tower, which is nearing completion on the Strip near the New Frontier hotel across from Steve Wynn's resort hotel casino.

During Jacksons trial Jack Wishna said that he would provide the musician with a big contract in Las Vegas. In his telephone interview for Las Vegas Review Journal, Wishna didnt reveal any details but as he said they had been working at several projects with Jackson.  In the beginning of 2009 Wishna and Jackson discussed the creation of a show similar with circus musical LOVE (Cirque du Soleil), which was a so called anthem of The Beatles.

Jack Wishna: "Michael is poised to return to the top of the entertainment world soon. He is one of the greatest all-time entertainers in the world."

At the same time Wishna begins to leak such kind of information to mass media:

June 3, 2007

The King of POP has left all his business and the project he began earlier and has left Las Vegas Jack Wishna, a Las Vegas entrepreneur, has told us about the change of Jacksons plans. It was Jack Wishna who supported Jackson, We had a phone talk when he was in Ireland, and he assured me that nothing would change, that he still wishes to work in Las Vegas. We even discussed the details of the statue he was going to put at the entrance of one of the most famous Las Vegas hotels. But now I have to say that our plans have changed a bit. And I wanted to return Michael to the millions of his fans all over Europe and Asia. However, neither Jackson nor anyone of his team considered it necessary to explain his behavior to Wishna, moreover the King of POP simply doesnt answer his phone calls.

After Michaels death Wishna opened up.

July 10, 2009

"So, earlier this year, he and Jackson instead discussed creating a show in the guise of LOVE, Cirque du Soleil's ode to the Beatles, that the King of Pop would not actually be in.
But then, Wishna said, he found out Jackson had hooked up with AEG for his London engagement.
"He said it should be fine," Wishna recalled. "In my heart I knew he didn't get better from the time I was with him. He was thin and weak. It's going to be a disaster. I would never put him into a show that way. I don't know who the doctor is that certified him for it. I didn't think [Jackson] was capable of doing it."
"I tried to get rid of Neverland for him. He would never set foot back on Neverland. He never wanted to go there, never wanted to sleep there never, never."
Wishna said he never saw Jackson using drugs, but that he wouldn't have had any trouble obtaining whatever he wantedoftentimes from people who didn't have his best interests at heart.

http://uk.eonline.com/uberblog/b133691_ _says.html
Jack Wishna, Jackson's show promoter in 2006, told CNN that while he was trying to land Jackson a regular engagement at one of the Las Vegas casinos, the singer would appear "drugged up" and "incoherent" during meetings and was often so weak and emaciated, he had to use a wheelchair to get around. Wishna said the attempted comeback shows were then allegedly canceled because of the star's weak condition.
As you can see, Wishna tried to convince us and create the image of a drug addict in a wheel chair, who does not keep his promises.


Wishna showed up again on July 27, 2009

There was information that Michael was interested in a photo collection of nude celebrities.

The owner of Celebrity Sleuth says that he had a contact with Jack Wishna, a businessman and a big friend of Michael. Jackson was one of several people who was interested in the collection. A day before he died I got an e-mail from Jack saying that the musician wants to buy photos, claims the source.   

The price offered by Jackson is not opened. But it was an eight-digit number.

It means that Wishna was still present in Jacksons life and had some contact with him.


The owner of Atlantic City Trump Plaza and Trump International Hotel Tower, a first project of Trump in Las Vegas which cost 2.8 million dollar to Trump International Hotel Tower, which was dealing with Wishna.
So far there is no information whether he is involved in our story.



Owner of MGM Mirage, business engaged in the development, ownership and operation of hotels and casinos throughout the world. MGM Mirage includes Circus Circus and  Monte Carlo Resort and Casino -, which hosts a famous show of Lance Burton.
So far there is no information whether he is involved in our story.

Here come the last of the billionaires list


He is a permanent leader and owner of the Canadian Cirque du Soleil (Circus of Sun), aspirer, billionaire and simply a circus artist, who became the seventh space tourist from planet Earth.

He is quite an interesting person.

Here are the things that, in my opinion, unite him with Michael.

1. Age
Guy and Michael are almost coevals. Now Guy is 50.

2. As well as Michael Guy Laliberte is an innovator in his sphere; he uses untraditional approach, he is definitely a talented person and at the same time an eminent businessman. He has made his way from poverty all by himself.

The history of the legendary circus resembles Fellini movies: in the beginning of 1980-ies a troupe of poor artists was walking along the streets of Canadian cities, giving some simple performances of jugglers, stilts, musicians, and called themselves as Les Echassiers de Baie-Saint-Paul (named after their home town). Among other artists there was a young Guy Laliberte a self-taught fakir. It was him who in several years will make this troupe be the symbol of Canada third in popularity after hockey and maple syrup.

Laliberte is one of the richest men of the world. Cirque du Soleil has brought him a fortune of 2,5 milliard dollars. Today Cirque du Soleil is a true legend. It is the most powerful and dynamically developing circus corporation as well as one of the most successful companies in the entertainment industry.  In 1984 there were 73 people working for it, nowadays four thousand, 25% of which are the artists themselves. There are seven shows travelling around the world (they have been to 200 cities from Japan to South America) and there are 10 shows that are running constantly in Las Vegas, Orlando, New York and Tokyo. The heart of the circus and the main kitchen of it are in Montreal where the show is being created, prepared, sewed and recorded.

According to the statistics made by the circus, during 25 years the show was visited by 80 million of people. In 2009 the show was seen by 10 million of people. Every show is a high technology performance, which combines acrobatics, clownery, dance, music, light effects, variety of fabrics and colors. Guy Laliberte has made a revolution in the art of circus, having made some global changes in the vision of the circus itself. He has reoriented the shows, which traditionally were considered to be for children, to the shows for grown ups. Nowadays his shows are taken in the same level as musicals or theatrical plays. He refused from arena and replaced it with stage. He refused from the animals and this way diminished the expenses. He made a single scenario instead of separate numbers. Hew refused from the clowns dialogues in order to avoid the language barrier and make his circus a really international one.

The troupe consists of artists from 40 different countries, they speak 25 languages. There are many Russians among them as well.

Cirque du Soleil make everything by themselves from music to costumes, they do not drudge money for performances. For example, every year the costume designers use 20 km of fabric (only in 2007 they made 20 thousand costumes). Since 1998 the shoemakers have made about 5 thousand pairs of shoes. All of these things travel with circus all over the world. That is why they perform at the largest halls and the ticket price reaches several hundreds of Euros.

3. Guy Laliberte as well as Michael is concerned with ecological problem on Earth.

Laliberte decided to celebrate his 50th birthday, promote his brainchild and make a social-ecological action to preserve fresh water in space. The fearless clown has not reached the Sun of course, but he has spent long 11 cosmic days on the International Space Station. A long preparation preceded the flight.  On September, 30 the tourist was ready and fully equipped. On the way to the space-center Baykonur, he was followed by professional cosmonauts Maxim Suraev from Russia and JeffWilliams from the USA. From the space-center he went by carrier-rocket to space. On October, 9 Laliberte investigated the international space station, watched the Earth from the illuminators, ate puree from the tubes and learned to stay in the right position while flying along the narrow corridors full of cables and equipment. That date was a culmination of his flight to space he held an interactional show, which was transmitted simultaneously on Earth and in space.

This show was called the first social and poetic mission. Social refers to his desire to attract attention to the lack of fresh water on Earth, which soon can become really drastic. Poetic, because Laliberte is an artist and he is going to strive for the ecology by artistic means.

The slogan of the show was Turn the Earth and Stars for Water. By the way while Laliberte was turning the stars in space, he was accompanied by the stars on Earth, among them ex-president of the USA Albert Gore, singer Bono, actress Salma Hayek, actor Matthew McConaughey, singer Shakira. Moreover there were ecologists, lawyers, struggling for the pure and healthy planet. All of them read a short part of the poem about water, written by Yann Martel, a Canadian writer. Artists of all kinds in 14 different cities were performing simultaneously. In Montreal it was of course Cirque du Soleil, in Paris romantic chanson was sung, Sydney hosted a concert of Tiffany Speight in Sydney Opera, in New York there was a street show on Times Square, in Rio Brazilian rhythms. A concert of U2 was a very special moment. During the concert there was connection with the International Space Station and on the big screen everyone could see the smiling face of Guy Laliberte flying between the cables. The impression was pretty strong even through internet there was live streaming (at 4 a.m. in Moscow). Some shows had been recorded beforehand, among them a show from Moscow. It was prepared by Nicolay Tsiskaridze. He and 50 young ballet dancers from Moscow Ballet Academy were spinning in dance on the empty stage of Maliy Theater. It was beautiful and touching for sure its the best thing what we can do. But only time will show if Moscow can support the actions aiming at fresh water protection by any other means.

Guy Laliberte also said that he would think of something special for the people on orbit. He promised to include a musical instrument to the allowed 5 kg of luggage. He said that he had already created some jokes and anecdotes to make them laugh, - I will be the first clown in space!

Looking like a big child, the seventh space tourist shared his impressions of seeing a space pavilion on one exhibition in Moscow back in sixties. He would also enjoy watching National Geographic channel about space flights. He doesnt conceal that his biggest attraction in this flight is being part of a big family which consists of people from different countries. He is eager to learn some Russian and he trains a lot. He jokes that he is pretty short and for sure they can find him a little chair in the space ship. He hopes that many people will follow his example and will have the opportunity to go to space for much less money.


Dont you agree that he is worthy of being a friend of Michael? Right at the time this show was in process, there were some interesting posts on http://jacksonlive.mybb.ru/viewtopic.php?id=537 (We, Michael and Philosophy):
Galochka: Hello everyone! I would like to share with you some information. Our Michael has donated to the organization making a world wide transmission, which was devoted to the protection of fresh water on Earth. While watching the news on television, I saw Michael at the background behind every performer! I think this is quite logical he has always been the first and often he was the organizer. It is nice that this time he participated again! Cool!

Sudarshana: Galochka, you wont believe but while watching the news I couldnt stop thinking of Michael! As if I felt that he was participating as well.

yappi: This phrase looks so familiar, it reminds me of Michael. Guy Laliberte, a space tourist, Together we can change the world. Its all for water, water for all. Peace

Katya: I had the same feeling!

Olgeya: Girls, when I watched the news today, I also thought of Michael. I thought that the organizers were probably inspired by Michaels example. Its a pity that in our country mass media didnt devote enough attention to that action.

4. The biographer of Laliberte is notorious Ian Halperin, who is Michaels biographer as well. Guy is indignant at the book he wrote and is going to suppress  it.

http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com/ … RTM0013400
http://communities.canada.com/montrealg … space.aspx

As you see there are many billionaires and circus lovers involved in our story. Something grandiose was being planned!!!

To be continued

English translation by Afalina
Olgeya_humayer 2010



The Greatest Show on Earth. MICHAEL AND ILLUSIONISTS BEFORE 2009. Part 3

This part of our investigation is mainly informative.

Little digression

Michael has always been interested in magic and illusion, and he always tried to use some magical tricks in his shows. Let us remember the antigravity-shoes as an example of his illusion, which was used in front of the 70 000 people in Bucharest in 1992.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWq1uMJO … r_embedded

salomeya: Today while looking for one song, I came across this video It is a very familiar idea red curtain eyes cupola elephant on stage and white tiger You see what I want you to see, when I want you to see it, and how I want you to see it (MJ for EBONY 2007)

: "salomeya, this is the show of Siegfried and Roy. As I know, once Michael composed music for their show Ballad about Siegfried and Roy.

http://itricks.com/news/2009/07/polishe … tro-video/ http://itricks.com/news/2009/07/michael … fried-roy/

from the same article
"Friendship and professional relationship between Michael and director and choreographer Kenny Ortega last for a long time. And now they are together again. Whether its tour or a show in Vegas they will decide together, says the friend, They absolutely trust each other, and it will bring success to their new project.

Everything will be good, very good, said Michael, and Kenny added, "We're going to get it done and when it is you'll know it'll be the right way working out for the best for everybody involved."
Something tells me that Michael was inclined to do a show in Las Vegas.
So, Michael has started to visit different circus shows.

November 2006 talks about cooperation of Michael and David Blaine

Michael Jackson & David Blaine plan 'magic and music' spectacular
A big news story is brewing
http://www.tourdates.co.uk/news/8854-mi … pectacular
Michael Jackson teaming up with David Blaine?
After Michael Jackson's dismal performance at The World Music Awards last week, the King of Pop needs all of the help he can get. Now it looks like he's found it in street magician, David Blaine. It's been reported that Jackson and Blaine are planning a music and magic spectacle for the New Year.
According to Pop Revenge, who are billing the story as an exclusive undercover report from The World Music Awards, a source close to the famous pop star claims to have revealed that Michael is planning a spectacular show to silence his critics with the help of his old friend, David Blaine. The female source told Pop Revenge that Jackson is already in the early stages of pulling off a big comeback, "There is nothing more sacred to Michael than his electricity on stage, press reports claimed he will never sing again like he used to, they are in for a shock. The attacks have personally hurt him, he has always prided himself on his abilities as a live performer. His response will be dramatic and the answer is going to be onstage, it is something nobody else could create."
Another source at the awards show, apparently a friend of David Blaine's, admitted to the outlet that plans are indeed underway for something unique, "David is in New York preparing for his big stunt next week, as soon as he comes through that are going to start preparations, people will realize that Michael can perform at the highest level, a level only he can attain. People are in for a surprise."
It looks like this unknown music and magic spectacular will coincide with Jackson's upcoming album, which is being recorded in Ireland and is expected to be available sometime in 2007.
While the validity of these sources are still up for debate, it's interesting to think of the possible stage show both entertainers are capable of putting together. Before we get too excited, though, who remembers the short lived buzz surrounding Michael's supposed Thriller performance at the World Music Awards? Michael just needs to make it happen, that's what fans are waiting for.

Beginning of 2007 Michael was happy to share his impressions of his first month in Vegas. He said that he was glad to watch Lance Burtons show (by the way the show belongs to Kirk Kerkorian) in Monte-Carlo with his children. I love magic, he told me. I liked his show. It is amazing and nice. I like to be driven by magic. Under the protection of his bodyguards and security of Monte-Carlo, he entered the hall from the back door not to make a scene with his fans, he and his children took seats at the mezzanine near the sound system, and they left short before the show was finished not to distract audiences attention from Lances final stage appearance. 

February 2007 Michael was out to see one more time The Beatles LOVE in Mirage. After the show was finished, he visited LOVE boutique to buy some souvenirs from Beatles Show. He was surprisingly happy to pose with his fans in front of the cameras and even eased his body guards protection. After that he headed for the backstage to meet the artists and the crew and thank them for the wonderful performance.

2008-2009 - Dragonfly: This year somewhere in May-June there were rumors that Michael fell in love with an acrobat of Cirque du Soleil Noriko Takahashi from Japan.  http://www.bild.de/BILD/news/bild-engli … ashi.htmll As if in 2008 he visited the performances of the circus several times because of her, came to backstage after the show and flirted with Noriko. And she refused him in a polite Japanese manner. All the journalists supposed that Michael would offer her to take part in his London Shows because she is a very talented acrobat. This love story is absolutely made up by mass media. Nevertheless, it is clear from the article that in 2008 Michael visited circus shows for 10 times.


Fall 2008 mass media writes about the meeting with the representatives of Cirque du Soleil

To be continued 

English translation by Afalina
Olgeya_humayer 2010





I think that in 2007 Michael was already sure about what he was going to do and he began to work on it. I would leave the priority to Cirque du Soleil, though Barnum & Bailey Circus will take its place in our story (we will talk about it later) as well as some other illusionists.

So Guy Laliberti and his Cirque Du Soleil
Why do I think that they met in 2007 and made an agreement about further cooperation?
What do we have on this circus? There are many shows and performers, but some of them attract more attention in terms of our investigation.

1. Show The Beatles LOVE
As we remember Michael enjoyed this show in February 2007. Oh, L.O.V.E. J
2. Show Viva Elvis, tribute to the deceased King of Rock-n-Roll
This show was staged by famous Criss Angel, oh yes. The rights are owned by Lisa-Marie Presleys estate manager Robert F X Sillerman (see post 3 billionaires list).
3.  U2
I read somewhere on forum http://jacksonlive.mybb.ru/, that the idea of using 3D technology was not new, and that couple of years it has already been developed not only by Michael but also by group U2, which is part of Cirque du Soleil.
4. Zumanity
Jesus Villa is part of this show, also known by nickname Half animal. We will talk about his little role in our story later on.
5. Show KA
Noriko Takahashi.
As we already know from the previous post, Michael visited the shows where Noriko participated for several times in 2008-2009.
This show actively uses 3D elements.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0huw7zx … r_embedded

6. Natasha Tsakos
I am grateful to marik771 for finding this information. We can also see some elements of 3D technology in this performance. Pay your attention at the following.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5wVN_Bw … r_embedded

makarena: If you havent noticed anything, please watch this video one more time from the very beginning to the end. From the first minute it is clear that the performance is dedicated to Michael. Maybe even it is connected with the present events. I have a strong feeling that it all is somehow connected. I wonder if it was a separate number or part of the show they were talking about?
makarena: 3D technology is combined with live performance. There is a girl dancing on stage and 3D picture on a big screen behind her. Change of dance moves, pictures and music evokes a lot of emotions and allegories. It is clear that the number is dedicated to Michael (although its not a tribute, because it was made in 2007). In the middle of the performance she makes some typical Michaels dance moves on his music.

7. Show Believe Criss Angel
Here I would say, Gosh! This BeLIEve again!
Firstly, the name of the show itself.
Secondly, the plot is based upon Alice in Wonderland (we will talk about it later).
Thirdly, that famous poster.
http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com/ … g-strange/
It means that the poster was made in spring 2008.

8. Jacksons Show
Here is some articles I was to pay your attention at.

Michael Jackson Continues to Steal The Beatles Thunder
Move over, Love: There might be a new Michael Jackson-themed Cirue Du Soleil show hitting Vegas.
The Cirque Du Soleil peeps (who I imagine to be French-Canadian businessmen holding tiny umbrellas while riding a giant clown baby) approached Jacksons estate hoping to get Michaels music for a live stage show extravaganza.
According to Showbizz411 blog, The Canadian-based company is said to be working hard to convince all the parties that they can do for Michael what they did for the Beatles with the Love show at the Mirage Hotel.
Hey, makes sense. Before his death, MJ and Cirque were rumored to be collaborating. Plus, everything and anything Jackson-related is a surefire hit, and besides, MJ and The Beatles have always gone hand in hand. Michael sharing a duet with Paul McCartney; MJ buying The Beatles songbook; the remaining Beatles desperately trying to get it back; plus the oddity of both parties continuing to outsell pretty much any other artist without even recording new music (hey, at least starting in December they can chart on Billboards Top 200). If The Beatles have their own Cirque show, then Boy George, Michael Jackson needs one, too.
My only worry is how truly horrifying it will be watching hundreds of gymnasts in skin-tight zombie costumes dancing to Thriller. Itll be homoerotic, Ill tell you that much.

Cirque du Soleil and Michael Jackson considered working together
A spokeswoman for the Cirque du soleil says the internationally renowned troupe and pop icon Michael Jackson discussed working together last year. Renee-Claude Menard says representatives for Jackson and the circus met last fall about doing a show that would star Jackson, who died
"Cirque du MJ
The spirit of Michael Jackson may live in more than just his current movie This Is It. Now we hear buzz that a Michael-themed Cirque du Soleil is being planned.According to Showbiz 411, the execs at Cirque are in talks with Jacksons estate holders to create a Las Vegas show that would incorporate the King of Pops music.
The organization, which already has a great presence in SinCity, is trying to convince the late singers camp that a Jackson-inspired show will have the same success as Love, the Beatles-themed show, which is currently running the Mirage Hotel & Casino.
The amount of money being negotiated to secure the rights to produce a Cirque Jackson show is reportedly astronomical. Cirque Du Soleil is also currently working on an Elvis-inspired show, Viva Elvis, which is scheduled to open next month at the ARIA Hotel in Las Vegas.
We think this is a phenomenal idea! The Cirque du Soleil shows are a huge hit in Vegas, and Michael has more fans than any pop artist in the world, dead or alive! Were sure it would bring some needed revenue into Michaels estate as well.
And there is some more. Unfortunately, I have lost the link to the information. So if ever you come across this article, I would greatly appreciate if you give me the link.
Cirque du Soleil is preparing the program with budget of 200 million of dollars. The name is not revealed. So maybe this is it?@
marik771: The comments under the article say that the dancers of This Is It will take part in the show. This fact explains their 2-year contract. Also Timor writes on his Twitter that they continue to rehearse and prepare something BIG. I wonder if Alonso is connected with Cirque du Soleil or he is all by himself.
http://www.placefm.ru/ency/Specialnye_p … k/Istorija "
This is the reaction of mass media to the situation.


http://www.bestweekever.tv/2009-11-11/c … his-grave/

All: Hey, people, have you ever visited the off-site of Cirque du Soleil? Look. There is such a trailer!!! Doesnt t remind you of anything?
Maybe this? "

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyrkcz7m … r_embedded

Do you still think that Guy Laliberte has nothing to do with it?
To be continued

English translation by Afalina
Olgeya_humayer 2010




As we learned from Part 2, according to the words of Jack WISHNA Michael suddenly refused from staging the show in Las Vegas and decided to sign 50 concerts with AEG.
Mass media constantly spread the rumors that Michael has some negotiations with this or that illusionist (the full list of the illusionists is given below in chronological order).


The official site of Copperfield
Twitter http://twitter.com/D_Copperfield http://twitter.com/d_copperfield
As far as I can understand the record starts on July, 3rd?
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/david.copperfields
MySpace: myspace.com/magicofdavidcopperfield

When I was a child my I was a fan of Peter Pan: I tried to always think about good, I jumped on my bed but I could never fly. Probably David Copperfield is still a little boy deep in his soul, who can fly just as Peter Pan.

What connects him with Michael?
In 1997 David Copperfield showed up in a movie Michael Jackson: HIStory on Film Volume II.
He also starred in Liberian Girl video.
According to mass media, he was going to prepare some numbers for This Is It, but the friends couldnt agree upon the price.
However, it turns out that the rumors are a 1st Aprils joke!!!

Not according to Chris Kenner. Various online news outlets appear to have been caught up in the April Fools Day shenanigans which pop up every April 1st. Everyone from Yahoo News, MTV UK and Perez Hilton have been reporting stories along the lines of, "Michael Jackson is a huge fan of magic and has enlisted the help of illusionist David Copperfield to add some magic to his upcoming run of concerts in the UK." Davids producer and friend Chris Kenner told us by phone today, "I dont have any idea where this came from. I have been getting hit with emails all day asking about this and there have been no such discussions." WHEW Im glad that we waited for secondary confirmation before posting anything.
Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 02:21PM"
Dont you find it strange? It looks like an attempt to trail a red herring across the path.

http://www.crissangel.com/?sa_campaign= … crissangel


People say that in April Michael visited the show of Criss Angel Believe.
Magic fan Michael Jackson is all set to attend the Cirque du Soleil show Believe starring Criss Angel on Saturday night at the Luxor. The King of Pop heads into Sin City for the Mindfreaks show of theatrical illusions, and seats have been reserved in case his children tag along, too!
Additional hotel security is said to be on hand to deal with any rush of fans, and Michael will be brought in through a special side entrance directly from his limousine. Its expected that he will arrive seconds after the curtain has gone up on the show to avoid audience distraction, and he will be taken to Crisss dressing room backstage seconds before the show ends.
Posted by Webb on Sunday, April 5th, 2009 at 1:24 pm
Steve Flynn, public relation consultant of Criss Angel, denies the possibility of Angels cooperation with Jackson.
Nevertheless, Criss continues to send some signs which point at his connection with Michael.
This is the last avatar Angel used on his Twitter.
Here people discuss the picture itself.  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=199268739413


This is Criss Angels profile picture on twitter. What does this remind you of? With the chin, cheeks, nose, eyes, lips and of course the crown the skull resembles the King of pop. it could mean "our dead King is very much alive".

The eyes are living eyes,
The little "cut" in the chin (reference to Michael?) means "flesh" and not "bone".
- So, the crown ties everything together: Hey everybody, yeah, you think Mikes dead, but look behind your "obvious truth: his death is only an illusion.


(Photo taken from Twitter "Another no eyes")

e-mail laugh@comediansusa.com
Official site http://www.edalonzo.com/
The twitter has not been updated since March 13  http://twitter.com/alonzoed
And he has a very suspicious status "ALIVE"
michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com suppose that it can be a sign about a well-planned action
As a result Michal invited Ed Alonzo to prepare the show.  So who is he?
The guy is pretty interesting, he doesnt possess that demonic attraction of Copperfield and Angel, but he is a clown-magician, who actively involves some comedy sketches to his performances. You can see it for yourself if you watch that funny man at WMA 2008.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hP9iSJnI … r_embedded


The Misfit of Magic is a fitting title for magician, comedian and actor Ed Alonzo. Ed was named "Best Comedy Illusionist" on the 2008 World Magic Awards and is a featured performer on Episode 3 of Masters of Illusion. Ed began his career in magic as a member of both the Long Beach Mystics and the Junior program of the Magic Castle. Ed Alonzo won the coveted "Stage Magician of the Year" for two consecutive years, and "Comedy Magician of the Year" for another two consecutive years from the internationally recognized Academy of Magical Arts. Eds unique blend of vaudvilian comedy and such bizarrely staged illusions as "Great Rack" and the "Invisible Baby Elephant" make Ed a truly unique character.
http://www.linkingpage.com/magicnewsfee … lonzo.html

He gains more popularity after collaboration with Britney Spears for her Circus Tour Show. There are many different articles in press about it. As far as I understand Alonzo participated in Britneys show himself.


Michael invited Ed 6 weeks prior to June 25.
Amongst widespread rumors and denials from both Criss Angel and David Copperfields camp with regards to their alleged involvement in Michael Jacksons forthcoming O2 concert gigs, E! has confirmed that illusions are indeed being designed by Ed Alonzo (who has most recently worked on Britney Spears Circus Tour) for use during the shows. Of the collaboration, Alonzo told E!: "I met with Michael Jackson a couple of days ago and am now officially creating magic and illusions for his concert. I will not be performing in the show as I do with Britney. Im just creating the magic that Michael has requested in his vision Michael has two routines in mind so far using magic elements that I am creating. I have to show him a demo of the effects next week. Then the props are to be built and he will start rehearsals. I will teach him the effects and help in staging them." Michael Jackson has forever been a fan of magic and has used illusions in previous concerts.

Here are some comments to this news from people who hear about this guy for the first time in their lives http://www.mjfanclub.net/mjforum373/arc … &prev=
It looks as if his career is going up. In June 2009 Magic writes about Ed and his participation in Britney Spearss Show.

Here is some news report from May 2009.
All Ed Alonzo All Day

Yesterday was Ed Alonzo Day at the Magic Double-Wide we call home here in Mystic Hollow, Michigan.
We were cruising the web and getting up to date on all things magic when we read Inside Magic Favorite, Ed Alonzo will create the magic for Michael Jacksons 50-date run in London.
Wow, that says a lot for both Ed Alonzo and Michael Jackson.
Ed Alonzo is famous within the world of magic, but is not yet a household name like David Copperfield, Lil Tom Hardy, or Criss Angel.

Plus, he seems profoundly normal and decent.   There were no rumors of his dating or not dating Britney Spears either before or during his current employment with the bombshell that is Ms. Spears.
The postman came by and made some comments about our need to cut back on the magic magazines if we ever hoped to get out of debt.  He held three of our magic journals in one hand and a stack of bills in the other.
We thanked him for his unsolicited advice, slightly whistling through our broken incisor at just the right pitch to summon our playful pit bull Doberman mix, Big Tom.
The uniformed know-it-all dropped the bills and magazines on the cedar chip path that winds from the access road to the front of our metal but homey abode.
Big Tom brought over this months Magic Magazine with pride.  He left the bills where they were scattered on the walkway.
There in the oppressive jaws of our puppy was Ed Alonzo.  Mr. Alonzo made the front cover of Magic Magazine.  How cool and synchronistic was that?
We considered the odds that we would have read about Mr. Alonzo signing with Michael Jackson and then receiving Magic Magazine from our dog in a condition that it was still readable, and that Mr. Alonzo would be on the cover of the magazine.
Plus, he wrote the article about his work with Britney Spears in the article teased on the cover, How I Ran Away with the Circus.  That might be a coincidence too, that there would be an article about him and he happened to be both the author and subject.
Our brain was not meant for statistics so we rounded the odds to about 50:50 it would have happened or it wouldnt have.
Regardless of our inability to calculate the coincidence of three or four independent events, Mr. Alonzos recent fame outside and inside the world of magic is impressive.

Our father, Lil Tom Hardy once opined, Who ever said good things come to those who wait, never waited for a prostate exam.
Mr. Alonzo has not just been waiting around for fame to find him.  His hard work and creativity now make him the go-to person for the big acts.
It couldnt have happened to a better person.  Congratulations, Mr. Alonzo!
http://www.insidemagic.com/magicnews/20 … o-all-day/
Alonzo was one of those who were in touch with Michael not long before June 25

Says Ed Alonzo, the "Misfit of Magic" who created illusions for Britney Spears Circus tour and joined Jacksons show six weeks ago: "It was an amazing show. The thing was just days away from being perfected. It was incredible. Even though it was just a walk-through with the dancers, his moves were dead-on the same Michael Jackson we (saw) through the years in music videos."
When Jackson kicked off what turned out to be his final rehearsal, he donned a headset microphone, strolled to an elevated platform and launched into his 1991 hit Dangerous first a cappella, then with the band.
"He wasnt singing full-out, but he was singing," Alonzo says. "They ran the number a couple of times and started to bring more props onstage that he looked at for the Thriller number. Every song he was doing was not just singing, but surrounded by huge production gigantic spiders and 20-foot puppets. I feel I was so blessed to see the only performance of this concert."
Jackson appeared underweight but not sick, he says.
When they hugged, "he felt very thin," Alonzo says. "Even the first time I met him, 20 years ago at Neverland (Jacksons ranch in Santa Barbara County, Calif.), he was thin. So it didnt strike me as odd, other than he seemed fragile. But his energy and the way he moved and spoke had a lot of impact. His soul didnt seem fragile at all. This is just a thin guy."
Alonzo had designed dazzling effects for the show, including a glass sphere that would float around Jackson during the opening song, 1982s Wanna Be Startin Somethin.
The globe was designed to light up and grow brighter as it drifted over the crowd before landing in Jacksons palm. Jacksons instructions, according to Alonzo: "I want people to scream for miles."
For a splashy version of Dirty Diana, Jackson wanted a flaming bed with a pole-dancing aerialist "playing the part of the fire," Alonzo says.
The elaborately plotted stunt: Jackson intended to be pursued around the bed by the "fire woman," and each time she touched the stage, flames in the form of fluttering crimson fabric would shoot skyward.
After she caught him, she would lash him to the beds tall posts with gold rope and a sheet of red fabric would billow before him, illuminating his struggling silhouette.
When the sheet fell, the magic trick would be triggered the woman would be revealed as the one ensnared, and Jackson would materialize on a stage in the center of the arena.
http://www.usatoday.com/life/people/200 … erts_N.htm

1. Why has Michael chosen Ed Alonzo, an obscurity, instead of world famous Copperfield and Angel? Can it be lack of budget or anything else?
2. Why does Alonzo always willingly write on MySpace about his collaboration with Britney and not a single word about his cooperation with Michael? He has worked with Michael for six weeks and it could be a good chance to promote himself once again remembering the latter King, but Ed practically doesnt mention Michael. There are no photos of him with Michael on MySpace, no any reference. All the interviews were taken after June 25. On his official site there is only a little banner directing you to the page where all the articles about his participation in This Is It are posted.

Dragonfly: Moreover, on his official site you can see Celebrity Photo Album and find his photos with David Copperfield (!) and Criss Angel (!). There are several photos with Britney Spears (!). And there is none with Michael Jackson!!!
Can it be that working next to Michael he has never tried to take a photo? None of the artists would refuse from such a chance. Everyone needs promotion!
It is obvious that at the moment the highest achievement of his career is working with Britney Spears. But who is Britney Spears in comparison to Michael Jackson? An imitation pearl compared to the diamond. 
Maybe he is upset that it didnt work out and he doesnt want to mention his might-have-been hopes? But then he could have just said how good Michael was, how nice it was to talk to him and so on It all makes me think that Ed Alonzo has never worked with Michael. He hasnt ever seen him in person. Nothing else comes to my mind

The rabbit gets Alonzo out of hat     
I managed to get into Alonzos facebook friends list.

There is only one notification of Michael in the beginning of October he posted trailer to the movie and wrote:
"As most of you know, I worked with the great Michael Jackson designing magic for his tour. Look closely and you will see me in the clip holding hands with the cast on the sad day."
He says about this moment. But it is very short.
And there is ONLY five comments under this post!!!
And thats it. Generally there is Britney, his own performances and the whole album (!!!) dedicated to FarmVille!!!
"Ed found a sad, lonely black kitten on their farm. Oh no!
Ed was farming when a sad, lonely black kitten wandered onto their farm in FarmVille. Shes been searching for her lost friend who likes to hide inside of Jack-O-Lanterns. She feels very sad and could use a new home and help finding her friend."

Dragonfly: There is no name of Ed Alonzo in the list of those who worked on This Is it Movie. Here is the list http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1477715/fullcredits#cast. He is not in the list. It means that if he was there with Michael and Ortega, he did something but not for the film or not FOR THIS film

So now we know that Ed Alonzo was an official illusionist of This Is It, but for some reason he is not mentioned in the crew.
We also know that he keeps silent about his part.

Ortegas interview:
Question: Are there any musical numbers which are not in the film because they were not recorded?
KO: Yes, hmm, yes. The day Michael died we were waiting for him to work on Dirty Diana, to finish Dirty Diana, when he vanishes in the haze and then suddenly appears on the other side of the stage on the lift to sing Beat It. He was waiting for this work so much. The day before that he told me that he was very happy. He saw that his dream was coming true on stage. There was one thing he wanted me to tell the crew and the dancers: I love them. Everyone is doing a great job. I love you, Kenny. See you tomorrow. Thank you. He left and we were inspired. We came the next day and we were all on stage. We were eager to work with illusionists, with technicians. Daniel, an air gymnast, and Tony Testa, a choreographer who substituted Michael, were with us then. We were making everything ready to the moment he comes. It had to become on of his favorite days, because he liked magic. And when we got the news, everything stopped.
http://community.livejournal.com/king_m … 55322.html
Illusionists in plural!!!

To be continued

English translation by Afalina
Olgeya_humayer 2010



The Show Begins BARNUM&BAILEY CIRCUS. Part 6

La Estrella: "http://www.newsru.com/cinema/26mar2009/jackson.html
During his concerts Michael Jackson is going to enter the stage on elephant back.
Published on March 26, 2009

http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/people,21 … ride,79061

As if the circus surrounding Michael Jacksons series of London comeback concerts planned for the O2 Arena wasnt strange enough, the singer is reported to have demanded an elephant on which to make his entrance, as well as an assortment of panthers, monkeys and wild birds, all of which will contribute to a jungle theme to his shows.

According to the Daily Mirror, the 50-year-old king of pop (pictured) has even requested 100 Masaii warriors for the series of 50 live gigs an entourage that O2 Arena management are not believed to be keen on. He hopes to make it the most spectacular gig ever, an unnamed source told the paper. For the jungle section, he wants to ride out on an African elephant with panthers led on gold chains. Parrots and other birds will fly behind him. If it goes to plan it will look incredible."
As we know it didnt work out))))). And in my opinion, he exaggerated the situation on purpose
But nevertheless, there were elephants.

So, June 25, 2009.  The things happen the way they happen.

A photo of the Michaels bed, on which he was going thorough resuscitation, is leaked to the press. Many people paid their attention to the number of things present in the room.

Ines: Did we have that photo of Holmby Hills room taken after the accident? Where did the Germans get it from? Maybe it is a fake one as well

Report says:
There on the floor at the bottom of the bed is a used AMBU BAG - a manual pump device used by medics to force air through a mask and into the lungs to keep an unconscious patient alive.
This was part of Dr Murrays kit and the INSTRUCTION LEAFLET is alongside.

The see-through curl of plastic tubing linking the bag and mask appears to have collected pools of liquid. Parts of the tube have a red or brown discoloration. This is likely to be the result of expelled moisture in the breath and evidence the device HAS been used.
On a wheeled trolley to the left of the photo (which we are not publishing online but which is available in our printed edition) is more medical equipment.
ALCOHOL PREPARATION PADS used for cleaning the skin before drug injections, a roll of SURGICAL TAPE and a box of disposable LATEX GLOVES. On the bedside table is a large landline PHONE. It isnt known if this is the one used by bodyguard Alberto Alvarez to dial 911 when his boss failed to respond to Murrays efforts.
Abandoned on the bed is a string of Middle Eastern-style PRAYER BEADS, worn by Jackson around his neck and clearly visible in our picture. Theres a mystery around who gave them to Michael but he loved to wear them, said our insider.
Bizarrely, what looks just like an INCONTINENCE PAD sits in the centre of the bed, possibly covering blood or other stains. The length of blue ribbon alongside is believed to have been used as a MAKESHIFT TOURNIQUET, to bind the stars arm and find a vein so drugs could be administered. The duvet is pulled to one side and, incredibly, there is still a slight DENT made by dying Jackos head in the plumped-up pillow, up against the ornate gold-painted headboard.
Oddly, a tube of Crest TOOTHPASTE lies apparently unopened on the bed. An insider said this had no relevance to the resuscitation, but Jacko, 50, was obsessed with dental hygiene and had tubes of the stuff all over the house.
On the side table is also a half-drunk bottle of ORANGE. The insider told us: It was MJs. He was trying to stay healthy.
On the shelf above theres a near-full bottle of FIJI MINERAL WATER, the fashionable brand favored by celebrities. Another almost-empty bottle is on the glass-topped trolley nearby. Almost hidden under the duvet you can see the legs of a TOY DOLL that usually sat on top of the bed.
Alongside is a DVD or CD. Back on the bedside table sits a SPECTACLES CASE. Both the star and Dr Murray wore glasses but our source said: Jacko had many pairs, and their cases, lying about all over the house.
Out of view of the camera, according to our insider, are oxygen bottles used to treat the star as part of his heavy-duty prescription drugs regime.
These shocking photos of Michael Jacksons Deathbed, where Dr. Murray tried to resuscitate him (first on the bed, then on the rug-covered wooden floor), were taken the day after he died by a family insider at his rented mansion in North Carolwood Drive, Los Angeles.
http://bumpshack.com/2009/08/03/michael … ne-photos/

If we analyze the things found in the room, though it may sound strange, but it will lead us to illusionists again.

Bebbit: Girls, have you noticed that people from http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com/ who investigated the deathbed have come up with Barnum? Here is an interesting post

That News of the World photo was clearly staged but was it sold to them as just another example of the media who will print anything given to them.
I believe there are things in that photo that are very odd and are therefore clues telling us that Michael staged this whole event.
I wanted to summarise all the posts I have made on this with a couple of other observations:
Warning : These theories involve PT Barnum who was Michael's inspiration. If you don't support the other PT Barnmum links then this is not the post for you. Some of the links may seem tenuous but maybe we need to think laterally.
The links to the threads are shown if you want to follow it up further.
I am convinced that this whole event has been planned and that Michael wants us to work it out. This picture is just part of the puzzle we need to solve!
1. The Fiji Mineral water (why this brand?  - PT Barnum Fiji Mermaid)
2. The unopened toothpaste PT Barnum advertising claims and Pepsodent toothpaste advertising
3. Porcelain doll Jenny Lind (singer who Barnum promoted heavily through merchandising including porcelain dolls)
4. Orange juice PT Barnum Speculation in Oranges
5. The Middle Eastern Prayer Beads/Turkish Rug and the Cushion
The middle eastern link is to a house. PT Barnmum built 4 homes, the main one was a Moorish revival mansion which was his 'country seat'. He called it IRANISTAN. Here is a picture of it. There is more on Wikipedia about it.
Sadly this beautiful palace was burnt down and the fire was believed to have been started by a workman who left a lit pipe on a cushion from the circular seat in the dome.
6. The incontinence pad  Schlitzie the Pinhead
This one was a real challenge. How about thisSchlitzie the Pinhead was a sideshow performer who worked with Barnum circus amongst others. 'She' was actually a 'he' and wore a dress.
'Most sources say the choice to dress him like this was also due to his incontinence, as Schlitzie had to wear diapers and such clothing made it easier to care for him.[6]'
It does go on to say 'However, even this is debatable, as most pictures show that Schlitzie was in fact wearing pants under his dress and some who knew him have said that he didn't develop incontinence until later in life[3].' Make of this what you will..
7. The Tourniquet link to The Residents
'The Residents are an American avant-garde music and visual arts group. They have created over sixty albums, created numerous musical short films, designed three CD-ROM projects and ten DVDs, and undertaken seven major world tours. Throughout their career, spanning nearly four decades, they have not disclosed their identity.'
Their Freak Show CD Rom was dedicated to PT Barnum.
'The Residents' Freak Show CD-ROM transforms your computer into an amazing animated twilight zone, unlike anything you've ever experienced. Meet Tex the Barker, Herman the Human Mole, Harry the Head, Wanda the Worm Woman, Jelly Jack, Benny the Bump, and those freaks of contemporary art, The Residents. See their incredible performances and navigate through bizarre backstage worlds.
Freak Show's Big Top offers amazing spectacles, but the freaks' stranger-than-fiction stories come magically to life when you sneak behind the circus tent and into their trailers. Discover fetishes, fantasies, rituals, and tragic secrets through photos, comics, music, music videos, and animation. You can even explore the history of freaks. Your fascination with difference will ultimately illuminate many other paths through this theme park of the imagination. Featuring spectacular animation designed by Jim Ludtke, Freak Show is a revolutionary new audio-visual experience, envisioning the future of interactive stories, music video, and digital art.'
Tourniquet of Roses was the original title of another of their albums.
8. Oxygen Mask
There is a link to the name of a man named Barnum who patented an oxygen mask in 1911. This was clearly no link to PT Barnum himself who died in 1891 but still interesting that the name was the same.
'U.S. Pat. No. 1,000,706, issued to Barnum on Aug. 15, 1911, provides an unsophisticated and cumbersome respirator mask which was secured by several elastic straps and covered a large area of the bearer's lower face  Barnum's mask lacked several safeguards necessary for use in a clinical hospital setting'
Add all this to the other PT Barnum references like:
TMZ acting as the 'brickman' (see post relating to this)
Joice Seth Barnum's claim that the autopsy for this woman was done on the wrong body (?)
Ringling Barnum Circus just happened to be arriving in LA on the day of Michael's funeral.
Also the similarity between the way he 'died' and that of Barnum:
One of the requests made by Mr. Barnum was that, when all hope was gone, sedatives which would make his passage to the next world more peaceful be administered. About 4 o'clock this morning the veteran showman spoke his last words. He was asked if he wished a drink of water, and answered, Yes. Soon after he sank into a lethargy. It was difficult to arouse him from this state, and on opening his eyes a faint gleam of recognition alone indicated that he had knowledge of his surroundings, or knew those about him. All day long Mr. Barnum lay in a semi-unconscious state. About 10 o'clock the first sedative was administered, and repeated several times during the day.

And of course, I couldnt skip the post of kto_nado, who draws parallel between MJ and Harry Houdini on http://jacksonlive.mybb.ru/viewtopic.php?id=238#p55787

Glasses and eyeglass case


Elastic gloves

FIJI mineral water 2 bottles

Orange juice half empty

Surgical band

Alcohol for injections


The incontinence pad

Tooth paste



DVD and CD



Maintenance instruction

Oxygen mask

There is no accidental thing in this room, and there is a connection and an allusion to the greatest illusionist of all times Houdini.

Harry Houdini (March 24, 1874 October 31, 1926, born Erik Weisz later spelled Ehrich Weiss) was a Hungarian American magician and escapologist, stunt performer, actor and film producer. He was also a skeptic who set out to expose frauds purporting to be supernatural phenomena.


Harry Houdini died of peritonitis secondary to a ruptured appendix. It has been speculated that Houdini was killed accidentally by a McGill University student, J. Gordon Whitehead, who delivered multiple blows to Houdini's abdomen (with permission) while he was in Montreal, in order to test Houdini's claim that he was able to take a blow to the body above the waist without injury.
The eyewitnesses were students named Jacques Price and Sam Smilovitz (sometimes called Jack Price and Sam Smiley). Their accounts generally agreed. The following is Price's description of events:
Houdini was reclining on his couch after his performance, having an art student sketch him. When Whitehead came in and asked if it was true that Houdini could take any blow to the stomach, Houdini replied groggily in the affirmative. In this instance, he was hit three times before Houdini could tighten up his stomach muscles to avoid serious injury. Whitehead reportedly continued hitting Houdini several more times and Houdini acted as though he were in some pain.
Houdini stated that if he had time to prepare himself properly he would have been in a better position to take the blows.
Houdini had apparently been suffering from appendicitis for several days prior and yet refused medical treatment. His appendix would likely have burst on its own without the trauma. Although in serious pain, Houdini nonetheless continued to travel without seeking medical attention.
When Houdini arrived at the Garrick Theater in Detroit, Michigan on October 24, 1926, for what would be his last performance, he had a fever of 104F (40C). Despite a diagnosis of acute appendicitis, Houdini took the stage. He was reported to have passed out during the show, but was revived and continued. Afterwards, he was hospitalized at Detroit's Grace Hospital. Houdini died of peritonitis from a ruptured appendix at 1:26 p.m. in Room 401 on October 31 (Halloween), 1926, at the age of 52.
After taking statements from Price and Smilovitz, Houdini's insurance company concluded that the death was due to the dressing-room incident and paid double indemnity.

Where is the connection?

Tooth paste before becoming popular, Houdini earned his living by selling soap and toothpaste.

Orange juice in Holland there is a sort of tulip which is called Houdini Orange.

Fiji mineral water in his tricks Houdini used his know-how special fastening lines called Fijians.

We keep searching for other things, for example, the doll. Houdini possessed a doll of himself one of the first.

Now think what Blanket had at the memorial? A doll of his dad

And those beads on the bed.

It is there on purpose, Michael always wore it and of course they want to make us think that it was taken off during the resuscitation. We would have thought so if everything had been so simple J

In fact, it is also a big message, but I dont know yet what one. People, think. This is the greatest puzzle in the world.

This one is to make you smile. Michael is a frequent customer at Houdini store, and here he makes some notes about the purchase J

Michael Jackson visiting the Houdini's Magic Shop located at the New York New York Hotel in Las Vegas
http://www.houdini.com/home.cfm?page=ho … sfaces.cfm

The connection with him is OBVIOUS. And this photo of bed says about it almost openly J

doc 'Dad' wants access to kids

(A crime scene is a location wherein evidence of a crime may be found. Crime scene reconstruction is the use of scientific methods, physical evidence, deductive reasoning, and their interrelationships to gain explicit knowledge of the series of events that surround the commission of a crime.)

July 7, 2009. The Memorial

kto_nado: As we remember Michael has promised to make his funeral be THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH. That is Barnums Circus))))))). It was his circus that had performance in Staples Center on July 6, followed by Michaels performance on July, 7.


La Estrella:
http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/wir … id=8020480

"Eleven Asian elephants and seven horses from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus lumbered from Union Station toward the Staples Center early Tuesday, where the memorial service for Jackson was to be held."



This is what I liked most of all:
LOS ANGELES Hours before a public memorial for Michael Jackson, a herd of elephants were on the march through downtown Los Angeles in a fitting start to a circus-like day.
I have nothing to add! He is a genius indeed))))

Elephants could really mean the beginning of The Greatest Show on Earth!

Here it says in black and white))))))))))
http://s47.radikal.ru/i117/1001/7f/167dbfbd39ad.jpgJuly 5th was the 200 years anniversary of P.T. Barnum. And now remember Michaels words, See you in July.

: "Let me add something else.))
"About the circus...
I wonder why no one paid attention to THIS fact. Right after Michael announced his shows on press conference in London, mass media released the reports saying that JACKSONS SHOW IS GOING TO START WITH THE ANIMALS ENTERING THE STAGE: ELEPHANT, PANTER, PARROTS, MONKEYS and other animals. Few hours before the Memorial the animals were leaving the Staples Center (elephants, monkeys, etc.)

It meant that the SHOW HAD BEGUN!

Moreover, it was the BARNUMS CIRCUS, the man who created THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!!!

Michael wanted his funeral to be THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH so much!!!

To be continued

English translation by Afalina
Olgeya_humayer 2010

Olgeya (13-03-2010 03:04:41)




Well, I called this a project for convenience, but in fact it IS a project. The main goal is to set some signal marks for the prospective believers. A significant number of big enterprises and individuals are involved in it. The main are Cirque du Soleil, SONY and some others. Each one has its own role in this play.


The most-talked-of sign is the poster of the Cirque du Soleils Show BeLIEve with Criss Angel. As I have already told before, the poster was made in 2008.
It has been discussed for many times already, but let me draw your attention to the main things.
Arven: "They have systematized the BELIEVE
This post is a bit of a rehash, or summary, of all of the research done by myself and my friends at MJHD and MJH Forum. There have been numerous postings tying Criss Angels "Believe" show to Michael Jackson, that I thought it would be a worthwhile exercise to consolidate all of the findings into one post. If I have missed anything, please let me know.

First, the most obvious is the symbolism of Criss Angels "Believe" poster. The following shows the aspects of the poster that seem mysteriously (or coincidently) tied to MJ: (click to enlarge)

Then, we see other interesting coincidences first, Oriantis new album, which is called, you guessed it.."Believe"

In addition, we have MJs children sporting a hat and T-Shirt from the "Believe" show. (thanks to a poster named "Jamiee" who posted Blankets pic on michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com.)
Then one poster had shown a comparison of the two "angel" pictures between MJ and Criss Angel,posted byMiss-Zazi95 on MJHD.net:

An interesting aspect of Criss Angels show is that he is taken away by ambulance, and presumably dead:
"In the entry hallway of the auditorium hang pictures depicting Criss Angel surrounded by insipid white rabbits that materialize and fade as one passes by. The classical stage is hung with thick curtains and framed with rococo golden sculptures depicting rabbit motifs. After the usual amusing Cirque du Soleil preamble with the ushers, Criss emerges to thunderous applause and enthusiasm from a full house. His infatuation with the television camera as a tool for his magic is proven when he disappears from a rolled-up screen while being monitored by a camera. The banner drape he uses is coincidentally brought in by one of his fans sitting in the front rows. The subsequent trick is a straightforward prediction effect in an overhead-hanging casket that is baffling and direct. Then he speaks about his foolhardy obsession with an illusion involving an enormous Tesla Cage that delivers six million volts, which he was about to perform live. An impressively realistic Tesla coil suddenly injures Angel badly, and the rest of the cast is seen rushing to and fro, apparently quite helpless until a stretcher takes him to an ambulance. This is recorded on camera and shown on large video screens and, although everybody knows that it involves stage blood, the close-up of his face is graphic and provides quite a gruesome and unnecessarily morbid spectacle. From then on, what dominates the show is a weird dream emerging from a dark mind."

This is from a review of the show on "www.magician.org/portal/en/node/784"
According to vegasdeluxe.com, MJ saw "Believe" with Kenny Ortega in April 2009, and wanted a lineup of "lookalike dancers" for his show:
Now folks..here is something very interesting
"There’s a solid rumor that when Michael’s first England run ends in September and resumes again there in January that he may well do a series of U.S. concerts. Although AEG wants him to appear in Las Vegas, it’s more likely it will be in New York or L.A. where there are arenas with 15,000 to 20,000 seats.
“The London ticket sales were really a testing of the waters,” one source told me. “There’s no question that Michael and AEG are discussing a world tour now.”
This was posted in an article here
Now Cirque Du Soleil, which is home to Criss Angels show, also wants MJs show:
"..some interesting news from the live performance front: Cirque du Soleil is heavily courting the Jackson estate for a Las Vegas-style show featuring Michael’s music. The Canadian-based company is said to be working hard to convince all the parties that they can do for Michael what they did for the Beatles with the “Love” show at the Mirage Hotel.
The money involved is said to be astronomical."
Does "Believe" hold significance, or is it all just coincidence..?
On my behalf I would like to add that the rabbit on Angels poster is the one from Alice in Wonderland, and this piece of art shows up in the course of investigation from time to time. You can see it in the pictures which are leaked into internet in right time, you can face it if you follow the redirections from different blogs, and of course the premier of the movie Alice in Wonderland itself, which is going to be almost a year after the press-conference.
La Estrella: "Now let us pay attention at the words make believe. I have highlighted them in the song on purpose (see post 2 of the same topic, song Greatest Show on Earth, highlighted with blue color).
SONY has a very interesting promotion campaign with interesting logos and slogans.
This is the main slogan:
definitely reminds me of something, even the word order is the same (olgeya-humayer.livejournal.com/1016.html#cutid1)

And how can we miss another coincidence  ?
Arven: "sportswear for Vancouver
Concordia parvae res crescunt, discordia maximae dilabuntur"
The anthem of the winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010: "Believe"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke-UaPEZ … r_embedded
Another coincidence? Maybe. But it came to my mind that Guy Laliberte is a Canadian. Couldnt he be a sponsor of the Olympic sportswear design?

One of the CTV Vancouver 2010 Experts is Sylvie Frechette.
Sylvie Fréchette is a two-time Canadian Olympic medallist in synchronized swimming. She won a gold medal at the Barcelona 1992 Summer Games and a silver at the Atlanta Games in 1996. Fréchette was the Canadian athlete of the year in aquatic sports from 1989 to 1992. In 1994, she received the first Ordre Olympique du Canada award and was a 1999 inductee into Canadas Sports Hall of Fame. She worked as a choreographer, coach and artistic coordinator on Cirque du Soleils Las Vegas show "O".
There are some very symbolic videos and films released. Foe example, The Book of Eli. If you cannot believe it, reread part 2 The Secret Meeting at

Since September 2009 Kenny Ortega has been actively spreading L.O.V.E. messages from his twitter account. And this tendency has been picked up by many celebrities. Michael L.O.V.E. from the CNN Blog keeps telling us about L.O.V.E.
In This Is It movie Michael stresses every letter of this word. The coded name of This Is It is Project LOVE
"This is how security works at Project Love, the codename given to Hollywoods most closely guarded project of the year Michael Jacksons This Is It film. With $1 billion at stake, the paranoia may be understandable. Nothing is allowed in or out of this building without all these checks. So tight is security that the 35 people who work here are not allowed out until the end of their shift. Food is brought in from the Sony campus and supplemented with regular pizza deliveries. "

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/moslive … cords.html
JanuSS: "Here comes David Blaine with  LOVE & JOKER T-SHIRT
shop.davidblaine.com/products/card-love-t-shirt  "
If you dont remember what David Blaine has to do with this all, please see part 3 at olgeya-humayer.livejournal.com/2828.html
Arven: "Here I cite MarySinger from jacksonlive.mybb.ru
I love hoaxes!
People, watch THIS!
This is our beloved illusionist David Blaine. He posted this strange (of course strange for everyone, but not for us) video, saying that he wants to give us clues so that we wouldnt miss THE MAIN IDEA OF THIS INTENTION (THE ESSENCE OF THIS INTENTION)!
Now attention! This video was posted two hour after MJs death! People from MJHD insist that David Blaine was present at the rehearsal on June 25!
Also please read the comment under the post!
servimg.com/image_preview.php "
Weve been surrounded by all possible signs in press, films, videos and art works.
In his dance Travis Payne appeals to Army of L.O.V.E.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPkKbepF … r_embedded
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKtdTJP_ … r_embedded
The singer Sade releases the video Soldier of Love full of analogies (thanks our friends from Latin America).
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhcGcfnM … r_embedded
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVNM3YQJ … r_embedded
Diana77: The famous photographer and clip-maker David Lachapelle was chosen to direct the music video of Soldier of Love
http://loversrock.narod.ru/LoversRock/B … ews_RU.htm 
Remember this name!!!
Marik 771: Let me express my point of view.
Michael has been asked to come back and perform again for many times and every time he would refuse the offer. I think that the main reason is that he realized that it would be next to impossible to surpass himself. The level he had set once was too high.
But he was ambitious
and he wanted to go down in history nit only as King of POP but also as the Great King.
The concert tour wouldnt help; it would take a lot of power and after everything will fall back into place he would again become Wacko Jacko.
To go down in history he needed a MIRACLE. He was fond of magic and since 2006 he has spent much time learning the life postulates of P.T. Barnum.
Here is one of those postulates.
Barnum has learnt the main thing about drawing someones attention: if the eyes of everyone are on concentrated on you, you have special rights. To draw attention meant to gather a crowd. The crowd wants to be involved in the action. If one gaper stares at the man with bricks, be sure that in several minutes there will be the crowd. They would gather as rabbits. You need to push them a bit and here they are, visiting your museum or watching your show. One needs to create something unusual and strange to gather the crowd. Any hack will do, because the crowd is attracted by anything curious and unexplainable as if by a MAGNIT. As soon as you possess peoples attention, dont let it go. Barnum would adopt the experience of his rivals they were success. The todays situation is that MAGNIT which draws our attention. Michael has achieved what he wanted he became the Great and will definitely go down in history.
TMZ uses Barnums scheme quite successfully a measured leak of gossips, and as soon as the interest tends to weaken, they give a new portion.   
The scheme Barnum + Michael + TMZ Barnum the Script writer, Michael the Director, TMZ the Executor = our interest in the course of events.
To be continued

English translation by Afalina
Olgeya_humayer 2010




Let us refer to part 2 one more time olgeya-humayer.livejournal.com/1273.html , lets study the list of the participants and their monetary funds, and think if it were possible for them to release several films giving us certain clues and messages (2012, Did You Hear About the Morgans?, Legion, Death on the Funeral, Alice in Wonderland etc.), some music videos (for example, Lady Gagas video of May 2009) order some paintings, create some internet resources (Thisisalsoit and many others), and pay the posts in certain tabloids (TMZ and others).
Although for the majority of people this quest game remained unnoticed, it made some people think, use their brains and open their mind. It really became an adventure, an interactive game we all got involved in not leaving our houses.

This Is It movie shows us the genius at work, the film is great but Frankly speaking, does it resemble the incredible comeback, which was mentioned at the meeting with billionaires?
Michael always tried to surpass himself, create something new, but watching the concerts in Munich and Bucharest I dont see anything new, though, I repeat, it is amazing enough.
For me This Is It resembles a promotion campaign, which reminds people who MICHAEL JACKSON was.
In my humble opinion, there will be a big show after the comeback. And I think it will take place in Las Vegas.
It is the place where Cirque du Soleil prepares a show dedicated to Michael Jackson and it is the place where all the money-bags, I mentioned before, work.
I would like to offer you the following information:
Liss_a: The famous celebrity photographer has always wanted to capture Michael, but it never happened, Photographers werent nice to him. He got scared. LaChapelle used a young Jackson lookalike for this portrait, which was shot in Hawaii. The devil in red was played by a friend of LaChapelle, a performer in Cirque du Soliel. David LaChapelle pays tribute to Michael Jackson with a new image portrait that shows the late King of Pop as a modern-day martyr. The image is part of a trilogy  inspired by Mexican saint cards.

I dont think he was capable of hurting anyone. I think theres something really biblical about what happened," explains David LaChapelle of Michael Jacksons life and pedophilia accusations. His lyrics are so naive and so beautiful. Its one of the most epic stories of our time, to go from such heights to such depths. Hes a modern-day martyr.

I have made a screen-shot from the site and now you can see all the details.


This article attracted my attention because it mentioned the name of Cirque du Soleil. I managed to find the above mentioned devil.

His name is Jesus Villa, also known as "Halfanimal"


He is 28 years old, lives in Las Vegas. He took part in more than 5000 shows of Cirque du Soleil. He is mentioned in Guinness World Records book as a man on jumping stilts that made 20 back flips in 21 seconds in Cleveland. His trip to Cleveland was organized by casino Planet Hollywood and Villas friend Pamela Anderson. Jesus is one of my best and closest friends. I met him about seven or eight years ago at the backstage in Cirque du Soleil. He is a very generous person, my children love him. He is incredible.

Hes been working with Cirque du Soleil since 1998. He got trained in Russia and China for nine month. Since 2003 hes been the main character of Zumanity show. He has performed together with P. Diddy, Usher Gwen Stefani, and he was noticed at & with Criss Angel. He also took part in some advertisements and a music video of Jennifer Lopez. He took part in the opening ceremony of summer Olympics in Beijing.   
So, may it be so that the plot of Jacksons Show of Cirque du Soleil is based on Archangel Michael and isnt it planned for Ascension Holiday?
And wasnt the picture of LaChapelle a sort of sketch of the prospective costume and patch of the show?

Do you remember that in previous post I asked you not to forget the name of LaChapelle???

It is he who was a director of Sades Soldier of Love music video. Another coincidence?

At last, I cannot neglect this information.


: "The investigation made by a girl from Larrys blog shows that Conrad Murray could easily be an owner of the circus:

Heidi January 8th, 2010 7:31 pm ET
yes I did find out who Murray really is
I went to peoplefinders.com and found out that
his real name is Robert Earl Carter and he is married to Blanche Yvette Bonnick Murray. According to DMV records Robert Earl Carter and his wife live
at 2579 Red Springs Drive in Las vegas, Now this isnt the address that the "police searched" for their Home but they do own Both properties. Now
Dr. Blanche Yvette Bonnick Murray has a practice
at 2110 east flamingo unit 301, Now this address is very important because its listed on the warrant for Global cardiovascular associates. and it isnt its her Nevada paractice and shes a family Doctor.
Now also Robert Changed his name on his license in
Febuary of 2009 to "conrad murray" and then he boght properties in Conrad Murrays Name. Now when You google Conrad Murray Global Associates you get
3121 south maryland pkwy, not 2110 east flamingo which is on the warrant, Now if you Google conrad murray Houston Texas you get that same address of 3121 south Maryland Pkwy but its listed for Houston texas. Now this Medical clinic armstrong that he supposably works at is owned by Dr davil armstrong
and his medical licensce was suspeneded in 2006, but he owns the building at 6826 west Montgomery Road
Houston Texas 77091. There hasnt been patients in there for a while.
Also "murray" has 1 adult daughter named Monique lee Carter and Blanche has 1 adult daughter named Maureen
Ray Rose. "murray" doesnt have any "other children
according to Peoplefinders.com And Both adult children live with them at that address.
something else I found out which I think might be important, remember when that car was towed at mjs house and they said murray was driving it but it belonged to his sister Susan Rush, well I noticed on people finders it listed Susan rush as an associate or roommate of the "murrays. So I did a googe check on her well I couldnt figure out if she is related to them or if she is a real person, The name Susan rush is a personal circus, like the Circus is called susan rush, and the address for whoever owns the circus is 10629 Sandpiper Dr# 14 Houston texas 77096
well That address is owned by robert Earl carter.
so im thinking its him who owns the Circus. the Suzan rush circus comes(performs) from Magnolia Texas. So the car that was owned by "suzan rush"
may have been "Murray"s work car.
If you Google
the name Robert earl carter 2 things come up one that
there is a obstrician that is named robert earl carter from Ca, and 2 a circus owner. so Im thinking this dude really does circus things.
remember though when mj died the police couldnt find murray so they went to Suzan Rush"s house to find him
or question her about where he was well they went to
robert earl carters House. It was all staged from the getgo..
Funny, isnt it? I am not sure if this information is true but anyway
Arven: " http://www.tmz.com/2010/02/10/dr-conrad … las-vegas/
Hello from Ben))
Dr. Conrad Murray Back to Work
Posted Feb 10th 2010 3:33PM by TMZ Staff
Dr. Conrad Murray went back to work at his Las Vegas doctors office today but if youre in the market for a heavy sedative this is probably not the place to go.
Murray is free on $75,000 bail after being charged for involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson one of the conditions of his freedom is that hes prohibited from administering powerful anesthetics including Propofol.

vivere.mybb.ru/viewtopic.php Investigation on Murray

Like it or not, all roads lead to Rome Las Vegas.

P.S. Maybe it is not connected with the case, but Celine Dion, who made duet with Elvis Presley on American Idol and took part in Grammys tribute, is a Canadian as well, and she has a joint venture with her husband in Las Vegas.
At last, I would like to say that I do not pretend to know the truth and I admit that my vision may be wrong.

Thank you for devoting much attention to this theme and for not being lazy to read all the posts. One more time I want to thank all the girls whom I quoted here, and I am sorry in advance if my point of view differs from yours. Without you this topic would have been impossible and I am very happy to communicate virtually with so many sophisticated people.

I am ready to get your responds on this matter.   

English translation by Afalina
Olgeya_humayer 2010



The Greatest Show on Earth. Hi from a dead clown. Part 9
http://i036.radikal.ru/1003/1e/ee2c888e73c3.jpgNo matter what you say but I like this guy. I already wrote about him here http://olgeya-humayer.livejournal.com/3607.html , but I can always repeat it.

Guy Laliberté was born in Québec City in 1959. An accordionist, stilt-walker and fire-eater, he founded Québecs first internationally-renowned circus with the support of a small group of accomplices. A bold visionary, Guy Laliberté recognized and cultivated the talents of the street performers from the Fête foraine de Baie-Saint-Paul and created Cirque du Soleil in 1984.
Guy Laliberté was the first to orchestrate the marriage of cultures and artistic and acrobatic disciplines that is the hallmark of Cirque du Soleil. Since 1984, [b]he has guided the creative team through the creation of every show and contributed to elevating the circus arts to the level of the great artistic disciplines[/b].
Cirque du Soleil has become an international organization, as much in terms of its makeup as in the scope of its activities and influence. Guy Laliberté now heads an organization with activities on five continents.
In October 2007, Guy Laliberté entered into a second lifetime commitment by creating the ONE DROP Foundation to fight poverty around the world by providing sustainable access to safe water.  This new dream stems from the knowledge that the right to water is key to the survival of individuals and communities all over the world and from the values which have been at the heart of Cirque du Soleil since its inception:  the belief that life gives back what you have given and even the smallest gesture will make a difference.

Well, a very good and talented guy.
And now fasten your seatbelts
One more creation form Guy Laliberté and his Cirque du Soleil Corteo Show

Show Trailer

I am impressed.)))

About the show.

The show begins with a funeral scene!!!

Corteo, which means "cortege" in Italian, is a joyous procession, a festive parade imagined by a clown. The show brings together the passion of the actor with the grace and power of the acrobat to plunge the audience into a theatrical world of fun, comedy and spontaneity situated in a mysterious space between heaven and earth.
The clown pictures his own funeral taking place in a carnival atmosphere, watched over by quietly caring angels.
Juxtaposing the large with the small, the ridiculous with the tragic and the magic of perfection with the charm of imperfection, the show highlights the strength and fragility of the clown, as well as his wisdom and kindness, to illustrate the portion of humanity that is within each of us. The music, by turns lyrical and playful, carries Corteo through a timeless celebration in which illusion teases reality.



The Dead Clown is the central character of the story, the one whom this fantastic funeral is honouring but could it all be a dream? A former member of the troupe surrounding him, he dons his costume to perform onstage one last time.


Although only an amateur opera singer, the Giant Clown imagines himself to be a great artist of worldwide renown. Without doubt, it is with him that the Dead Clown is closest, almost like brothers.


For the White Clown, appearances are what matters most. Like the Loyal Whistler, he is an authority figure at least, hed like to be. Of all the colourful characters, he admires only the stars and scorns the others. It is the White Clown who opens the door to the magic of the circus for the Dead Clown.





"For a splashy version of Dirty Diana, Jackson wanted a flaming bed with a pole-dancing aerialist "playing the part of the fire," Alonzo says.
The elaborately plotted stunt: Jackson intended to be pursued around the bed by the "fire woman," and each time she touched the stage, flames in the form of fluttering crimson fabric would shoot skyward.
After she caught him, she would lash him to the bed's tall posts with gold rope and a sheet of red fabric would billow before him, illuminating his struggling silhouette."

http://www.usatoday.com/life/people/200 … erts_N.htm

I hope, everyone remembers that Cirque du Soleil dancers were invited to do Who is it number in THIS IS IT, even Noriko was invited.

From Corteo

Four women, the Dead Clowns former loves, come together in dreamlike joy. They perform aerial acrobatics on three giant chandeliers that spin above the Dead Clowns bed.
A tender and poetic moment between the Dead Clown and his Little Clowness that bespells the audience with child-like delight.



In our case we cant avoid angels.

Angels above the bed of a dying person.

A dead clown is trying to reach the angel. As we can judge, he is not successful.

A ladder specialist amazes the audience with his unnerving balance and finesse as he performs on various ladders, trying desperately to reach the angel who is watching him from above.



When eight characters pile into a miniature theatre to present "Romeo and Juliette," confusion upstages them all. Expect the unexpected in this madcap performance.


As you know, sometime in the past MJ recorded the album ET (Extra Terrestrial), based on the same name fantasy movie (1982). E.T. Storybook is a fantastic story about friendship between a man and an alien. MJ like this movie a lot.


In more details about the connection between MJ and E.T. you can read here  http://ukrainito.blogspot.com/2009/07/p … or-et.html  (thank you for the link, Diana77)
In my opinion, the whole show is dedicated to the one and only man. By the way, this show is already several months old. Russia will see this performance on 26th June in St. Petersburg.

Im very grateful for the help Moroshka and Arven provided me searching some pics and scan of TII.

Materials Used: http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/ru/shows/corteo/
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